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Burning Mechanism

Introducing, the first ever Dynamic Burn!
  • Dynamic Burn burns 20% of the existing Dynamic tax to push the price up.
  • Reduces inflation by acting as a deflationary mechanism.
  • No additional tax. Does not affect the average investor. Only 20% of the existing Dynamic Tax that is imposed on whale dumps will be burnt.
  • Why Dynamic Burn? -> Instead of forcing additional burn tax on to normal investors, we're burning the existing tax from whales. -> Most rebase tokens claim to "invent/introduce" a new "fixed" burn fee/tax. We take this a step further by inventing a new Dynamic Burn mechanism that burns a 20% of the existing Dynamic Tax. -> This reduces the tax imposed on the ordinary investor & increases the profits for everyone!
New Dynamic Tax & Dynamic Burn calculation breakdown: (80% to Treasury + 20% Burnt)
  • 1% of LP - 5% tax (4% to Treasury + 1% Burnt)
  • 2% of LP - 10% tax (8% to Treasury + 2% Burnt)
  • 3% of LP - 15% tax (12% to Treasury + 3% Burnt)
  • 4% of LP - 20% tax (16% to Treasury + 4% Burnt)
  • so on and so forth.
This tax does not affect the ordinary buyer because of the sheer volume of LP one would need to have to make such a share possible.