Looper Finance Docs

Anti-Rug Measures

Hard coded into Protocol
  • No Mint function. Developers cannot create more tokens and cause inflation.
  • Fixed Max Total Supply of 50 Billion LOOP Tokens. Reduces inflation which may decrease the value of LOOP Tokens. In the very unlikely (close to impossible) case where all the LOOP Tokens have been claimed (in exchange for eBalance), no more tokens will be airdropped.
  • Fixed Max Sell Tax of 25 %. Developers cannot increase the sell tax to 100 % which enables a rug pull and prevents Loopers from selling.
  • Gnosis Safe secured fund wallets. A fully verified and audited safe with multi-sig enabled. Provides another layer of security and enables transition towards a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • KYC verified Project owner has been identified & verified by Coinsult: