Looper Finance Docs

What is Looper Finance?

The first ever gamified rebase token project.


Looper Finance is the FIRST EVER GAMIFIED REBASE PROJECT with Daily Return up to 20 % and explosive 10-Day ROI up to 519.2 %. Built on Polygon.
We aim to disrupt traditional DeFi with a combination of an innovative Loop Concept, GameFi and Dynamic Tax System to reward investors. Each Looper (you) will have a variable Daily Return.
The fundamentals of Looper Finance are Loops in which Loopers participate in. In each Loop there are four Loop Phases that cycle one after the other. When a Loop ends, a new one begins.
There are four main components which are the LOOP Tokens, Loop Phases, Play & Earn and eBalance.

How does it actually work?

Simplified: Buy -> Play -> Claim -> Cash out -> Loop
1) Buy LOOP Tokens. 2) Participate in our PLAY & EARN game during Loop Phase A. 3) Claim your eBalance to receive LOOP Tokens in Loop Phase B. 4) Cash out either in Loop Phase B (High profits) or Loop Phase C (Higher profits). 5) Enter a new Loop with a new token.

Loop 1 Simplified Flow

Price Stability & Growth Systems

  • Sustains the protocol with ample resources to upkeep liquidity, treasury and hedge against inflation.
  • Minimizes price manipulation by taxing sales/wallet transfers additionally based on how big of a share the holder has in correlation to the LP of LOOP Token.
  • Dynamic Burn burns 20% of the Dynamic tax to push the price up.
  • Reduces inflation by acting as a deflationary mechanism.
  • No additional tax. Does not affect the average investor. Only 20% of the existing Dynamic Tax that is imposed on Whales will be burnt.
  • Hedges against volatility in the market to ensure stability in price of LOOP Tokens.
  • A small portion of the Treasury will also be used for airdrop gas fees only in Phase B.
  • Used for growth, investments and giveaways based on community votes.
  • 80 % of the Treasury Balance is used to perform a massive buyback from the QuickSwap Liquidity Pool.
  • All of the tokens bought in the Buyback and all of the remaining unclaimed tokens will be burned.
  • No Mint function.
  • Fixed Max Total Supply.
  • Fixed Max Sell Tax of 25 %.
  • Gnosis Safe multi-sig secured fund wallets.

How can you profit?

Why does Looper Finance exist?

We believe that traditional rebase tokens in DeFi and long-term staking strategies are not sustainable and highly volatile based on external factors. For example, if Bitcoin price goes down, most traditional rebase token price will also go down. Furthermore, traditional rebase token price highly depends on continuous flow of new investors for years. Whale investors have a bigger sway on the price as they can move the price trend and make quick profits anytime.
Our solution? Break the rules. We created a gamified rebase token with variable Daily Return that only depends on its own protocol, concepts and investors. Now anyone can be a millionaire.
How? Protocol introduces a tax system that supports the price of the token to protect all investors against whale dumps. Concept introduces the loop phases which gives anyone the chance to become a millionaire. Investors are the only ones controlling the price as each loop is short-term and is less affected by other external factors.

How to join Looper Finance?


Every Loop will have its own presale on PinkSale. You can buy our Tokens there for insane rewards when the token launches publicly. Catch up on our social medias from time to time for presale announcements!

Public launch

After the LOOP Token's public launch, you can buy our token directly from our website. Click on Buy LOOP Token button, then buy using BogSwap. BogSwap allows you to buy the token with Autotax & therefore you don't need to adjust the slippage! Other than that, you can also on the open market via BogSwap or QuickSwap websites.

Who created Looper Finance?

Our team is currently anonymous. We created Looper Finance out of passion to innovate and disrupt traditional DeFi. We have KYC planned in our roadmap post-launch.

Who runs Looper Finance?

Key decisions are currently taken by the core team. However, our Loop Concept integrates and requires a community-governed model at its core. We hope to become a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the near future.

How does Looper Finance make a profit?

We want to be fully transparent on how we (Looper Finance team) plan to make a profit. This is not a rug pull nor do we want to fuel any FUD. We take a small cut from the Treasury only in Loop Phase C. Here's the full breakdown of what happens:

Treasury Balance in Loop Phase C:

  • 80 % --> Used for a massive buyback on QuickSwap Liquidity Pool.
  • 10 % (max $10k) --> Donated to Charity chosen by the community.
  • 10 % --> Looper Finance team + Domain and Game services fee.
Disclaimer: The Docs are not financial advice. Please DYOR before investing in any project.
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